Launching Multiple Instances of Chrome with Separate Sessions

Todd Baginski

by Todd Baginski on 5/11/2015

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Azure, Chrome Canary browser, extension, Office 365

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Here is a time-saving approach you can use to launch multiple instances of Chrome with separate sessions. Essentially, this extension allows you to launch a browser window as many times as you like and every window maintains the session and cookies separately. This is especially helpful when you are logging into many different Office 365 and Azure environments.

Install Google Chrome Canary browser.

Install this extension (figure 1) in Google Chrome Canary browser.

Launch new Chrome session extension

Figure 1: Download and install the extension in Google Chrome Canary browser.

After you install it, you just click the icon (figure 2) to launch a new browser with a new session. Sweet!

New Chrome session icon

Figure 2: Launch new Chrome session icon.

This extension will not run in the regular Chrome browser because the Chrome browser does not trust it and therefore disables it.

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  • Here's the link to the extension.
  • I could be blind, but I didn't see a link to the extension in the post. I believe you are referring to this one: , which doesn't appear to be available in the chrome store.