KWizCom Forms: Product Overview

Karen Forster

by Karen Forster on 6/15/2015

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The folks at KWizCom Forms want you to get a basic idea of what their product is all about and what it can do for your organization. The following conversation gives you a starting point to further investigate this product.

IT Unity: Can you briefly describe KWizCom Forms?

KWizCom: KWizCom Forms is a SharePoint add-on that turns your existing SharePoint list forms into rich, enhanced web and mobile forms. KWizCom Forms enables non-technical business users to quickly create and configure web and mobile forms based on their required business logic, without any need for technical skills.

IT Unity: What kind of SharePoint customers should be looking at KWizCom Forms?

KWizCom: KWizCom Forms was designed to be used by non-technical business users. So we target all companies in all sizes and verticals. The product is structured in a robust way so that bigger companies can purchase the entire KWizCom Enterprise suite, while smaller companies can purchase only selected features of the product.

IT Unity: What problem does KWizCom Forms solve?

KWizCom: SharePoint (both on premises and hosted Office 365) does not give non-technical business users any way to create dynamic feature-rich forms. The only way to create powerful forms is by using external tools such as Microsoft InfoPath or third-party tools – all of which require power-user skills or even developer skills. In addition, Microsoft has announced that InfoPath will be made obsolete. The other option, third-party form tools such as Nintex and K2, are similar to Microsoft InfoPath in that they provide an advanced form designer, but they require advanced power-user skills and replace the out-of-the-box SharePoint forms—which means they are not native SharePoint add-ons.

IT Unity: What differentiates your solution from others on the market?

KWizCom: First, KWizCom Forms is the only 100% SharePoint-native solution, which means there's no external designer and new proprietary forms technology. The benefits of using a SharePoint-native forms solution you benefit from are as follows.

You get the same familiar SharePoint list forms, so you don’t have to learn new technology and a new UI. Imagine: You can create powerful forms without having to teach your end-users how to use any new forms technology! Your end-users will keep using the same familiar SharePoint forms but on steroids.

You can save a lot of time when you’re creating new forms. Your list forms already exist, so just enhance them! No need to design, implement and deploy new forms. With KWizCom Forms you simply use your existing SharePoint list forms and add the required web form logic and enhancements in no time.

You can keep your SharePoint freedom. Since KWizCom Forms is a native SharePoint add-on, it seamlessly blends into your SharePoint infrastructure, allowing you to keep benefiting from SharePoint as a flexible, extendable framework.

Unlike proprietary forms solutions (such as InfoPath) that support only a fixed set of controls, KWizCom Forms supports all SharePoint columns. So if it works with SharePoint, it will also work with KWizCom Forms.

KWizCom supports custom columns (including those bought from other vendors). Do you have custom columns that you have developed or purchased? That's not a problem. You can use these custom columns with KWizCom Forms. In addition, KWizCom lets you work in conjunction with your other custom developments and purchased add-ons.

You can keep the same look and feel as your portal; no separate design required. Since we use the same SharePoint list forms, there are no separate forms to design. Your forms automatically keep your portal's look and feel.

A further differentiator is that KWizCom Forms is the only forms and mobile solution that targets non-technical business users. All other solutions require power-user or even developer skills to create and deploy forms.

In addition, KWizCom Forms is the only solution that targets companies of all sizes, from enterprises to SMB. That’s because the product is composed of 10 smaller add-ons, allowing smaller companies to purchase only selected parts of the KWizCom Forms product, at a budget-friendly price.

IT Unity: Can you suggest resources that will help potential customers understand your value proposition and evaluate it for their own situation?

KWizCom: We highly recommend that customers learn more about Microsoft’s announced InfoPath roadmap. Also, customers should learn which user roles in the organization are actually using Microsoft InfoPath and other external form designer tools to create and maintain forms. Moreover, customers should find out about the cost of ownership of these tools. Customers also need to learn which of the forms tools support SharePoint extensibility features. These are all important factors in making a decision.

IT Unity: Do you have customer testimonials or case studies that readers can examine?

KWizCom: Please see our website:

KWizCom wants you to know that KWizCom’s promise is to always provide great service, exceptional customer support and top-notch products. They believe that their solutions and add-ons enhance SharePoint while saving the clients an enormous amount of time and money. KWizCom emphasizes that they help hundreds of thousand users worldwide achieve their business goals and put them on the fast track to productivity.

Do you want to view Scot Hillier's Ignite 2015 interview with Nimrod Geva, Product Group Manager for KWizCom Forms? You can watch it here.

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