KnowledgeLake announces Advanced Capture for automated document scanning and indexing

Karen Forster

by Karen Forster on 8/20/2014

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KnowledgeLake announced Advanced Capture, a comprehensive solution that helps reduce manual tasks and the errors that manual processing can introduce. The product automates steps that have previously been done by hand.

KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture automates the capture, classification, separation, sorting, and extraction of information from paper, fax, and electronic documents. Examples of how Advanced Capture can add value include invoice processing, mailroom automation, loan processing, sales order entry, new customer workflows, and mortgage and insurance document processing. This web-based app can be hosted on premises or in the cloud and supports OCR, ICR, and OMR.

Jason Burian, Director of Product Management at KnowledgeLake explained, "Scanning and indexing documents has always involved laborious procedures that prevent organizations from realizing the full benefits of enterprise content management with Microsoft SharePoint. KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture reduces or eliminates those barriers by expediting workflows and cutting the costs associated with tedious manual tasks."

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Topic: Business Productivity

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