K2 Appit for SharePoint: Product Overview

Cloud-based service for building workflow apps

Karen Forster

by Karen Forster on 6/12/2015

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IT Unity recently had the opportunity to talk with Holly Anderson, product manager, with K2 for the company’s Appit for SharePoint offering. The goal of the conversation was to give IT Unity readers a foundation for understanding the product and exploring it further. To learn more about Appit for SharePoint, please visit www.k2.com/appit.

IT Unity: Can you give a brief description of the product?

Anderson: K2 Appit for SharePoint is a cloud-based service that enables technical and non-technical users to build powerful SharePoint workflow apps that can reduce IT costs and improve business efficiencies by putting easy-to-use and intuitive tools in the hands of the right people.

IT Unity: What is the specific problem that K2 Appit for SharePoint product solves?

Anderson: K2 Appit helps take the hassle and complexity out of the Microsoft SharePoint tasks that business users perform every day. Without having to know how to code, your users can quickly create secure mobile-ready workflows, forms and apps that meet their immediate specific needs. Users can solve their own business problems – even when the information that they need lives across disparate systems, departments and SharePoint sites.

IT Unity: Who should be looking at deploying K2 Appit?

Anderson: K2 Appit is aimed at the IT, analyst, SharePoint admin, and end user at any size company from Fortune 1000 to a business with fewer than 100 employees.

IT Unity: How are people who are currently working in this area dealing with the issues that K2 Appit addresses if they don’t have K2 Appit?

Anderson: Without K2 Appit, customers have to manage the limitations of SharePoint out-of-the-box, or they have to develop custom code themselves.

IT Unity: What differentiates your solution from others on the market?

Anderson: K2 Appit for SharePoint lets users solve their own business problems with easy-to-use capabilities. Users can quickly:

  • Customize SharePoint forms to provide a more intuitive interface for scenarios such as managing project tasks or issue tracking lists. Users’ forms can easily include information from other areas of SharePoint or other line-of-business (LOB) systems.
  • Create workflows and forms for scenarios such as SharePoint site provisioning or document and policy approvals. The workflows and forms can span multiple SharePoint lists or libraries, whether in the cloud or on premises.
  • Create business apps to solve specific needs. For example, K2 Appit lets you improve customer service to end users or build portals to share information with customers or vendors. These apps integrate with SharePoint and other LOB systems across the organization, both on premises and in the cloud.

IT Unity: What else do potential customers need to know?

Anderson: K2 Appit for SharePoint enables users to:

  • Build workflows that can span the entire organization and aren’t siloed to a single SharePoint environment
  • Create workflow apps that grow with your business needs, without the need to move to a new, more robust tool
  • Improve usability of SharePoint forms to make it easier to get work done within SharePoint
  • Provide intuitive user interfaces that present the right data for better decision-making
  • Make your SharePoint environment a true portal experience by providing access to other LOB systems through a seamless easy-to-use SharePoint-based interface
  • Make SharePoint more mobile-friendly
  • Use workflows that meet your business needs, instead of your business needs having to adapt to the way the workflow tool works
  • Build robust, powerful applications that run in an environment your users are familiar with
  • Gain additional ROI from your SharePoint investment by expanding the capabilities of SharePoint in a fully supported, upgradeable manner

If you’re interested in getting more perspective on K2 Appit to help you evaluate the product for you specific situation, you can refer to the “AIIM 2015 Connecting and Optimizing SharePoint Report”: http://content.k2.com/email_70114000002Vup9. In addition, if you’d like to see how current customers are using the product, K2 has recently released a customer video from Alutiiq, which you can view here: http://embed.vidyard.com/share/lVUiRekg-AgalyqDdWMdmQ.

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