Introducing StratusForms, a Lightweight InfoPath Alternative for SharePoint

Mark Rackley

by Mark Rackley on 11/18/2015

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It’s no secret that Microsoft has announced the demise of InfoPath. It’s also well known that there is no replacement for InfoPath on the horizon.

What is a company to do? A few years ago I created a free tool called Forms7 ( that allowed users to create their own forms for SharePoint that mimicked many of InfoPath’s features. After thousands of downloads, the tool has matured and I am now releasing it as StratusForms. StratusForms allows you to create powerful and dynamic business forms using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

StratusForms has many other features including:

  • Data Encryption: Easily encrypt a specific field or the entire form to get that field-level security you need.
  • Repeating Content: Create repeating content in your forms.
  • Nothing to Install: Simply reference the StratusForms scripts and start writing your forms immediately.
  • Your Data is YOUR Data: StratusForms stores your form data as a standard JSON object that can easily be retrieved as needed for other applications.

All of this and StratusForms is FREE for non-commercial use. Don’t like free? We also offer paid support and coming soon, we have an Office 365 application. Our Office 365 application will automate configuration and provide a more feature-rich form designer.

Visit the StratusForms channel on IT Unity and download the source code with some great examples: I am also working to organize a webinar on IT Unity in December that will show off how StratusForms works. Look for the announcement on IT Unity in the next week or so. And then, of course, the webinar will be available on demand to watch if you miss the live one.

Also, try our free form builder tool and get started with StratusForms with just a few clicks:

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