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Andrew Connell

by Andrew Connell on 10/6/2014

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Podcasts are a great way to learn what’s going on in the world around you. Unlike blogs, podcasts are great when you are driving or on your daily commute to work, running a quick errand or if you’re like me, like to listen to them to get lost when in the gym or out for a run.

This is the first installment of a new regular series I’ll publish here on ITUnity where I’ll look at some of the recent podcasts and what they’ve been talking about. I’m doing this because I think it’s hard to find great podcasts and what they’ve been talking about. Therefore, my goal is to keep an eye on a some podcasts and let you know what they’ve been talking about. I’ll focus on the world of the Office 365 & SharePoint as that’s the primary focus of ITUnity at this time. If you’re interested, check out my blog at or the blog of my podcast, the Microsoft Cloud Show where I’ll also cover the entire Microsoft cloud story.

For this first installment I’ll introduce your to the few podcasts that are dedicated to the SharePoint & Office 365 space. If you have one that you listen to that’s not on my list, please let me know on Twitter @andrewconnell.

The SharePoint Pod Show

The SharePoint Pod Show is hosted by Rob Foster & Brett Lonsdale and publishes great interviews with people in the SharePoint space every few weeks - months.

Todd Klindt’s Netcast

This weekly video podcast by Todd Klindt, the SharePoint Netcast, is streamed live every Monday night at 9:30p eastern time. Join in for a live discussion or catch the video or the MP3 recording of the show.

MOSS Show SharePoint Podcast

The MOSS Show SharePoint Podcast by Hilton Giesenow is a mostly interview based show that covers SharePoint & Office 365. Hilton seems to publish this show at an irregular schedule but at least one show every month.

Microsoft Cloud Show

OK… disclaimer that the Microsoft Cloud Show is my podcast that I co-host with my good friend Chris Johnson where we publish weekly on anything Microsoft cloud related including SharePoint, Office 365 and related technologies.

Office 365 FM

The Office 365 FM podcast published initially every few weeks but hasn’t published a new episode over the summer, but still one to keep up with as their first 11 episodes were entertaining and very good.

Office 365 Developer Podcast

The Office 365 Developer Podcast by is a Microsoft podcast by Jeremy Thake. He does some great interviews with people inside and outside of Microsoft, publishing weekly.

Topic: SharePoint and Office 365

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