Installing SharePoint On-Premises

by Dan Holme on 2/14/2014

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Nothing could be easier than installing SharePoint Server, right? Not so fast. SharePoint relies on a deep, rich stack of technologies, including 64-bit versions of Windows Server, SQL Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), the .NET Framework, and Windows PowerShell. There’s also a lengthy list of software and configuration prerequisites. So while it’s possible to log on as a domain administrator, pop the SharePoint Server DVD into a server, and have a stand-alone installation of SharePoint up and running in less than an hour, that doesn’t mean it’s a production-ready farm that meets all of the technical, security, and business requirements of your SharePoint governance plan.

Even something as seemingly straightforward as SharePoint installation requires careful preparation, consideration for least privilege and other security best practices, and preferably a small investment in scripting and automation to ensure a smooth and consistent installation in both test and production environments.

Installing SharePoint is a multiphase process. The following high-level steps are used to install and configure SharePoint:

You can perform each phase using user interface tools or commands or scripts.

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