Install SharePoint Prerequisites with the Prerequisite Installer (SharePoint 2013)

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 2/14/2014

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Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Products Preparation Tool (Preparation Tool), also known as the prerequisite installer, can download and install all of the prerequisites for you automatically.

To run the Preparation Tool, log on as the setup user account—for example, SP_Admin. [Read more about the setup user account***]. Then, launch the tool from the Install Software Prerequisites link on the SharePoint Server 2013 Start page (default.hta), shown below, or launch the tool directly by starting PrerequisiteInstaller.exe from the root of the installation media.

SharePoint Server 2013 Start page

The Preparation Tool scans for each prerequisite. If a prerequisite is not found, the tool downloads, installs, and configures the prerequisite.

In the event of an error—for example, if downloading a prerequisite fails—the tool stops and produces an error message that indicates which prerequisite failed. You can find the details of the failure in the error log, which is located in the %TEMP% folder, or by clicking the Review The Log File link in the wizard. The tool displays a link to the log. After you have remedied the problem, rerun the tool. Repeat the process until all prerequisites have been installed and configured successfully.

Some prerequisites will require a reboot after installation. If this happens, re-run the prerequisite installer until all prerequisites have been installed and configured successfully.

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