Insights from the OneThing Videos

Introduction to a new series on ITUnity to capture powerful insights from the OneThing videos on YouTube

Christian Buckley

by Christian Buckley on 1/2/2015

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As some of you are probably aware, back in the run-up-to-release of SharePoint 2010, and for a couple years following its release, I captured videos of SharePoint experts from around the world sharing their thoughts on "the one thing" people need to know about SharePoint 2010. Now, of course, there is no single answer to this question -- but it was an opportunity for the person to provide some insights into an aspect of SharePoint that was pressing on their mind, and these videos became a great resource of hints and tips, especially for people new to the platform. Some experts talked about specific features, getting into very specific recommendations for deploying and using them. Others ventured into broader topics around planning, governance, and properly staffing your deployment effort. In total, I recorded just over 200 videos, and made them all available on YouTube.

In September last year (2014), I started working with my good friend Paul Culmsee (@paulculmsee) and his company Glyma, helping them prepare to bring their dialog mapping solution, which sits on top of SharePoint, to the market. As I learned more about the platform, I began mapping out some of the #OneThing videos -- as a way to become more adept at the technology, but also to break down each video into its core insights.

My goal in this series of articles is to share some of the powerful insights that came from these videos -- insights that can be applied to any version of SharePoint -- and demonstrate how you can use these tools and methodologies to uncover valuable insights within your own content. All of the maps that I build will be available for you to review on your own via the Glyma platform, and each article will point you toward the original video on YouTube. 

I'm looking forward to producing these on a regular basis for ITUnity, and look forward to creating new videos in 2015 to add to this library of community content.

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