Insert Yourself Here: How to Find Your (SharePoint) Niche

Sarah Haase

by Sarah Haase on 7/29/2015

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Every day my high school English teacher danced into the classroom and, with all the theatrics of Shakespeare, declared, “I can’t believe they pay me to teach the classics!” I thought she was plum crazy. Even as a high school senior I knew you worked to live. You didn’t live to work.

After 15+ years in the job market, I’ve softened my world view. If I won the lottery next week, I truly believe you’d still find me out here talking about SharePoint. Yes, I’d probably be talking about it part-time and on my terms. However, things that interest me today–things that drive my curiosity and provide opportunities for growth and mastery—will still be relevant and necessary, even if the monetary driver behind them ceases to exist. How can I be so sure? Because SharePoint provides a perfect intersect for me. It is the convergence of my abilities, my interests and my mission/purpose. It is the epicenter of my time, energy and focus. If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself working at such an intersection, you’ll find that you’re happier, more fulfilled and more productive.

How do I know that SharePoint is a perfect intersect for me? Because I’m good at it, I love doing it and my organization needs it. It’s that simple.

Position yourself in the center of what you love, what you're good at and what your company needs

A few years ago I went through a team-building seminar. There was a bevy of small-group activities, feel-good moments, etc. One element that stuck with me, though, was the Venn diagram the facilitator drew on the board. She challenged all of us to hone in on a part of our jobs that we loved, that was critically important to the well-being of the company and that we were naturally skilled at. The message was clear: if you can find such an intersect, you should devote your time, attention and energy to it. This is your perfect sweet spot. It is the area that provides you the most fulfillment and your company the most benefit.

Here’s why SharePoint bubbled up as my intersect point:

  1. I am good at calculating SharePoint’s value or Return on Investment (ROI). I have a proven methodology for quantitatively and qualitatively capturing this data and telling the “value story.”
  2. I love learning how to build solutions that reduce or eliminate the “soul-crushing, spirit destroying” work that people hate.
  3. Companies/organizations need these solutions. It improves their speed-to-market, reduces their overhead and helps them engage their employees at a higher level.

Now for the key question. What’s your intersect?

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