Ignite Keynote, Indexed: A Viewer's Guide to Key Announcements

David Mann

by David Mann on 5/12/2015

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David Mann, curator of the weekly Office 365 Concierge newsletter, took the time to index the Ignite keynote. If you're looking for highlights, or for a particular set of announcements or demos, this is your guide!

Satya Nadella Keynote at Ignite 2015

Go to http://news.microsoft.com/ignite2015/ and jump ahead to the time shown in the brackets in the list below:

  • Co-authoring in real time online and in the desktop apps [1:45:50]
  • Productivity dashboard in Delve
  • How much time do you really spend in meetings? [1:37:45]
  • Office 365 Groups in Delve [beginning around 1:35:00]
  • Skype for Business [1:35:25]
  • Document tracking/portable document security [beginning about 2:12:15]
  • Office Graph and Delve [1:33:00, and throughout Julia White's demos]
  • Organization View in Delve [1:37:00]
  • Work Maps [1:38:00]
  • Attachments as links to OneDrive for Business files [1:39:10]
  • Sway added to Office 365 [1:45:30]

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