Grouping Your OneNote Sections into Section Groups

Would you like to be able to have additional levels of categorization in OneNote?

Thomas Duff

by Thomas Duff on 7/29/2016

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OK… This tip absolutely blew me away when our SharePoint consultant Scott Ellis showed it to us. I've often wished that there was a way to add an additional level of categorization in OneNote beyond sections, pages, and subpages. Well, there is… it's called Section Groups.

Section Groups allow you to group your sections (pretty intuitive, huh?) in a OneNote notebook.

Let's start with the following OneNote notebook:

Original OneNote notebook

I right-click on one of the section tabs and select New Section Group:

Creating a new Section Group

I now have a new Section Group in my notebook:

Newly created Section Group

I created one more Section Group and then renamed them by right-clicking on the Section Group name:

Two Section Groups in the OneNote notebook

Finally, I can drag each section on the left-side navigation under the appropriate Section Group, and I end up with this result:

Sections nested in the Section Groups

I can even nest Section Groups within Section Groups for more categorization options:

Section Groups within Section Groups

A word of warning… It's best to limit your nesting to three or fewer levels. From what I've been told, nesting more than three levels deep can have "unpredictable consequences". 

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