Give It a Listen: The Microsoft Cloud Show Interviews Cathy Dew About Women in Technology

Erik Ruthruff

by Erik Ruthruff on 8/16/2016

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In a post on Andrew Connell’s blog today, Andrew announced his pledge for the #IStandByYou campaign along with his August 3, 2016 interview for the Microsoft Cloud Show with Cathy Dew about Women in Technology. Good post, Andrew! And good show!

For almost two years, IT Unity has supported Cathy Dew’s efforts to raise awareness about gender inequality in the IT industry. I was pleased to glance through our Twitter feed this morning and see a tweet from Andrew and his post about interviewing Cathy Dew for his podcast, the Microsoft Cloud Show.

Andrew expressed some of his frustration about diversity in the workplace, and acknowledges that he feels like a stereotype of the problem in the technology workforce. He shared a story about the moment at a recent SPTechCon with Eric Shupps and Cathy that motivated him to devote episode 142 of his usually technical show to this important topic.

Cathy shared her story of how she got into IT and, specifically, what happened to make her realize that she’d have a cause to take up because others in the IT space aren’t talking about gender inequality. Cathy also described why she and others participate in Women in Technology events such as luncheons at conferences, and why these events are having a positive impact.

Andrew and Cathy discussed labels and how language is perceived, equal pay challenges, and that families want their daughters to have equal employment opportunities. Guys in IT tend to pay attention at this point—they want to help create equality for their own children.

Cathy discussed the #IStandByYou campaign and Andrew made his pledge to support a Women in Technology podcast, tentatively called Speaking with WIT.

At Ignite, look for the Women in SharePoint Meet-Up, the Women in Technology panel, and the Women in Technology luncheon.

Please, listen to the episode socialize your support, and write a review of this episode on iTunes. Make a pledge for the #IStandByYou campaign. Click here to read Cathy’s story about launching the campaign.

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