What to Expect from Office Delve and Office Graph Version 1.0 and Version Next

Cloud, On-Prem, or Hybrid?

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 10/16/2014

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In a previous article in this series, Agnes Molnar and I described Delve and Office Graph from a high level.

Office Graph is a flagship of the new generations of capabilities that Microsoft is developing that clearly demonstrate the potential of “the cloud.” What Office Graph does would be nearly impossible to do on-premises. It relies on connections with all of the very latest versions of Office services—a state that is rarely in place in on-prem environments—and the compute power required for Office Graph is immense. Simply put, you couldn’t do Office Graph on-prem.

And, in fact, you can’t—Microsoft has said it won’t be developing an on-prem Office Graph service.

However, as an indication of Microsoft’s relatively newfound understanding of the importance of hybrid, the company has indicated that there will be support for Office Graph in hybrid scenarios. Details have not been disclosed, but I have to assume there will be capabilities in next year’s on-prem server products to send signals from on-prem to Office Graph in the cloud.

I’m very excited by that possibility, because with Delve as the front end, it might be a solution to the pain users currently feel trying to find information across hybrid environments.

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