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by IT Unity Staff on 1/11/2016

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Intranets have evolved from portals where users once uploaded documents to a wholly collaborative workspace that defines teamwork for organizations across offices and borders. Along with this transformation, companies have been forced to identify and improve upon proverbial bumps in the corporate road, such as common communication strategies and user issues. With intranet managers everywhere welcoming the New Year, it’s time to think of this year’s resolutions for improving their intranet environments.

Webtrends, a leader in digital analytics providing measurement and optimization tools and services to over 2000 customers across 40 countries, and publisher of the book Improve It!, recently released a creative and informative interactive infographic reporting on customer findings.

Specifically related to intranet usage, Webtrends has chosen a play on the recent release of a popular science fiction movie to communicate their message. In this very effective and engaging tool, the infographic identifies commonly reported problems encountered by intranet users, as well as helpful strategies to overcome these problems.

Review their findings compared to your company:

  • 40% of people use the “forgot password” feature at least once a month
  • Employees can’t find the content they’re looking for; 45% of people spend three hours or more per week searching for information on an intranet
  • Employee engagement “generally sucks”; 31% of employees rarely or never contribute to intranet 2.0 tools
  • Organizations have no idea what employees are doing on their intranet
  • The corporate intranet looks out of date, diminishing its effectiveness and potential reach
  • The mobile experience of connecting to the corporate intranet is lacking and requires an update
  • Employees complain about the intranet to others in the organization, effecting overall adoption

The interactive infographic from Webtrends offers strategic resolutions within the context of the question asked. The final answer is applicable to all organizations going forward. Webtrends asserts that to get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint, you need a detailed, visitor-level view into your site’s activity and usage. Making the user interface as intuitive and simple as possible, testing all functionality, determining expectations before development and building out the intranet, and taking quick action with user feedback and data should always be paramount in any intranet.

In honor of all epic space stories, enjoy the infographic and feel free to share your SharePoint resolutions for the New Year.

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