Fitting OneDrive Into Your Collaboration Strategy

A synopsis of the November 2015 #CollabTalk tweetjam

Christian Buckley

by Christian Buckley on 12/1/2015

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For almost 3 years, the #CollabTalk tweetjams have been a monthly event bringing together experts and community members (and plenty of Microsoft lurkers) to discuss a variety of topics. For this past month, the conversation was focused on the topic of "OneDrive and the Modern Content Collaboration Platform.”

As mentioned in the blog post introducing the topic, questions to be covered, and our participating panelists, OneDrive for Business was a central part of Microsoft CVP Jeff Teper's recent keynote from the European SharePoint Conference held last month in Stockholm, Sweden (his keynote is available here). He talked about remaking SharePoint and OneDrive for Business as the "modern content collaboration" platform of choice, which included making OneDrive for Business a more seamless and integral part of not just Office 365, but of the Microsoft Office productivity suite.

Of course, the OneDrive brand has a story behind it - which most are very familiar with. One of the benefits of the tweetjam format is that it allows anyone to participate and share their thoughts and experiences, along with a panel of experts and MVPs, providing an open dialog for the community. The tweetjams attract anywhere from 50 to 150 active participants -- which is a lot of tweets to follow. That's why I always provide a summary of the event in Storify, so that people can more easily consume some truly interesting commentary.

The questions are meant to be somewhat vague, helping shape the conversation. With the consumer version of OneDrive garnering some publicity of late, and the ongoing sync issues with OD4B only recently receiving a fix (currently in preview mode), it was only natural that these issues be mentioned. But the bigger set of questions was around OneDrive's place within the collaboration strategies of most SharePoint customers.

Here are the questions we discussed:

  1. How important is OneDrive for Business to Microsoft’s collaboration story?
  2. Has there been fallout around the unlimited storage issue?
  3. How has sync impacted OneDrive for Business adoption?
  4. In your view, what is the OneDrive + SharePoint story?
  5. If I have OneDrive for Business, do I even need SharePoint?
  6. Have your content collaboration requirements shifted from SharePoint to OneDrive?
  7. What are the gaps in Microsoft’s content collaboration strategy?

While I am not going to attempt to summarize the entire tweetjam here, I thought I'd provide a sampling of some of the interactions


Hopefully this sampling has inspired you to take a closer look.

The OneDrive brand has been around for several years (previously as SkyDrive), but it seems it has a larger role to play in Microsoft's collaboration strategies going forward. As more and more platforms and applications move to the cloud (and certainly most gaming and other entertainment are moving that direction), the idea of saving anything locally will become strange to us. Habits will change, and our expectations that we should be able to access any personal content across any device at any time will become the norm.

If your organization does not have a personal cloud storage strategy today, it's time to get caught up -- because I guarantee you that your end users are already using OneDrive or one of its competitors, with or without the stamp of approval of your IT policies.

And to find out about future #CollabTalk tweetjams, be sure to follow my blog at or on Twitter at @buckleyplanet

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  • I agree with Kanwal Khipple's comment. Right now, documents start in OD4B. However, there isn't a good solution to then "promote" the documents from OD4B to either Groups to SharePoint in order to move them from the "my stuff" to "our stuff" as Jeff described.
  • On this topic, just read a great post by MVP John White (@unlimitedviz) in which he talks about the "fixed" sync and OneDrive branding issues: