My First Time with Delve - Dan Holme

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 10/27/2014

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In early September, Microsoft launched Office Delve--the first release of the first client application to consume and present information from the powerful new Office Graph. Recently, Delve showed up in IT Unity's production tenancy of Office 365. When I saw "Delve" in our suite bar, I decided to pay close attention to my own reaction to Delve as a business user, seeing it in production for the first time.

Before I share my impressions, let's make sure to catch you up if you're not familiar with Office Graph and Office Delve. In a previous article, Agnes Molnar and I presented an overview of the two technologies. In another article, I used Delve and Office Graph as a tool with which to learn more about Microsoft itself.

When I clicked Delve in the suite bar and waited for it to spin up, I had no idea what to expect. I’d been told that Office Graph has actually been running in Office 365 for a while, gathering signals. So even though I was the first user at IT Unity to launch Delve, there was promise that it would actually work, as intended, immediately.

What I got was this:


Bingo! Delve opened and, sure enough, the first two documents it presented me were extremely relevant. The second document was related to a project that my marketing team was working on. It was the focus of our collaborative efforts, so Delve surfaced it.

The first document was the real winner—a press release that I had been told to review. My team needed my input and I’d forgotten about it as I focused on other priorities. Here it was, right in front of my face. That was a particular “win” to me—otherwise I would not have remembered to look at the document.

So first impression: Wow. It delivered on its promise of helping me “discover” content.

The UI is also pretty good. The card metaphor, which is often compared to Flipboard, works pretty well. We’ll have to see how it scales.

Beyond that, too early to say. We don’t have enough activity, or diversity in activity, in our Office 365 tenancy to feed many good signals to Office Graph. There’s just not enough “noise” in my environment to be able to judge Delve’s ability to cut through the noise and surface quality information. And we don’t have enough quantity of information, either, to judge Delve’s search side. So I’ll withhold judgment on that.

What has been your experience with Delve in your Office 365 tenancy? IT Unity is measuring the community's reaction to and experience with Delve, so come share your "first time" story by taking our survey!

Have you learned any lessons, or discovered any tricks? Continue the discussion below!

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