How to Favorite a Groups Calendar for Easier Access in the Outlook Windows Client

Mikael Svenson

by Mikael Svenson on 8/22/2016

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Office 365 Groups comes with a real Exchange calendar, but accessing a Group calendar is a bit cumbersome via the Outlook 2016 client. Figure 1 highlights the important steps. You first have to expand the Groups listings in e-mail view, select your group, and then click the calendar button in the ribbon. This is a different experience than clicking the calendar view and then the calendar.

3 steps to get to Office 365 Groups calendar in Outlook desktop client
Figure 1: Expand the Groups (left side), select the group, and then in the ribbon at the top, click the Calendar icon

When clicking the Calendar button, a new window opens. In the new window locate your group in the folder navigation pane, right click the group and pick Add to Favorites…

In the Office 365 Groups calendar, right-click the calendar to add to favorites
Figure 2: Locate your group, right-click the group and choose Add to Favorites from the drop-down window.

If you go back to the original Outlook window, click to view calendars in the folder view, you should now see your Group calendar in the My Calendars list, much more accessible.

Added Office 365 Groups calendar to My Calendars
Figure 3: In Outlook in the My Calendars list, you should see the favorite that you just added.

I hope the Groups navigation experience towards the different services proliferate into all contexts and apps over time, but for now this is as good a workaround as any to have Group calendars appear side by side with your other calendars.

Want to remove the calendar? Use the same approach, but Add to Favorites has turned into Remove from Favorites.

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