ESPC14: Dan Holme's Presentations

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 5/13/2014

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The European SharePoint Conference took place May 5th - 8th, 2014, in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain.  Nearly 1,400 delegates, speakers, and exhibitors from every corner of Europe and the globe came together for workshops, presentations, panels, networking activities, and plenty of fun, food, and frivolity in Barcelona.

I was honored to be asked to present a full-day workshop about end-to-end SharePoint governance and service delivery.  The workshop went very well, I believe. I started with a nearly-full room of 140 attendees and ended with a packed room of over 160.

Tuesday morning, the event provided two keynotes for attendees.  The first, delivered by representatives of Microsoft's engineering team for Office out of Redmond, presented the extraordinary achievements of Office 365, both in mind-blowing statistics and fantastic new features.  I followed with a keynote that aimed to inspire, guide, and strike a little fear into the hearts of delegates--to put today's world and Microsoft's efforts into context as it impacts business, IT, and our careers in IT.  It was thrilling to present my thoughts to 1,000 Europeans, and the feedback--both direct and via twitter--was extremely positive, and humbling.

Wednesday, I presented a short session covering the SharePoint security model and new sharing interfaces.  The demo gods were not 100% with me, but the delegates were patient and their questions were spot-on.

You can now access slides (to view, print, or download) from each of my events here on IT Unity.  

Thanks to all of you who attended ESPC14!




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