Dragging and dropping attachments to an Outlook email

There are different ways to add and save attachments in Outlook.

Thomas Duff

by Thomas Duff on 1/12/2017

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Did you know you can drag and drop attachments to and from emails? This is one of those things that I probably knew, but I never use the feature as I'm so used to using menu options.

Normally, I use the Attach File icon in the Ribbon Bar to add attachments:

That works fine, but you have to bring up the file dialog box and drill down to the location of the file you want to save.

However, you can drag and drop a file from Windows File Explorer into the body of your email, and it will show up in the Attached line:

Likewise, if you receive an email, you can drag and drop the attachment *into* Windows File Explorer:

You can also drag and drop an "attachment" from a SharePoint document library. The difference is that it puts a link to the document in the email instead of the actual file (which is better for space and network resources). Just make sure the people getting the email have access to the SharePoint document library so they can get to the file.

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