Directing your Outlook email replies to someone else

This is a great feature if someone else should be handling responses to a particular email.

Thomas Duff

by Thomas Duff on 2/7/2017

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Direct Replies To, Microsoft Outlook

There are times (actually, there are a lot of times!) when you send an email, but you want all the replies to go to someone else (such as an assistant). Outlook allows you to do that with the Direct Replies To feature.

In this example, I've created an email where I want the replies to go to someone else. Once I'm finished composing the email, I click on Options > Direct Replies To:

In the Properties dialog box under Delivery Options, you have the ability to Have replies sent to someone else:

Now when I get that email and click Reply or Reply To All, the email is routed to Sandra Mahan instead of myself:

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