The problem with Sharepoint is how it comes off as very misleading to users. Most of the time Sharepoint is pitched as a service when just as you said, it is nothing more than a platform. The great thing about Centralpoint is it's the best of both worlds. It's hard finding a CMS solution as much of these platforms are very confusing with the way that they are pitched. Of the many vendors I have sat in on demos, they are all equally confusing. Part of the issue is the 'label' of what it is in the first place. I mean, yes, it does involve content management, but also document management, and then single sign on, integration, there is just too much. Open Text does a great job calling it a 'ENTERPRISE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT system (EIM), but even that is a little vague. Oxcyon, who makes a product called Centralpoint, calls it an ECOSYSTEM, or Digital Experience Platform, which seems to be closer to mark because the management of information goes 'both ways' so it is an ecosystem. Honestly, I think we should call it a web mainframe, because that is what it is.