Cutting through the Noise with Power BI Data Visualizations

by Jon Thompson

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"Our ability to make sense of the 'signals' from all the 'noise' in our data is paramount for organisation to undertake better decision-making.” - Scott Graham, Kinetic Information Systems


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In your business, there are a lot of numbers floating around. Revenue, budgets, expenses, labor costs, overhead, and a thousand other data points can easily turn into a confusing cloud of "noisy" information. You know there are valuable insights to be gleaned from all of your business data, but you can't quite isolate the information you need to make strategic decisions in a timely manner.

If you are familiar with this predicament, you are not alone. Most business owners, unless they have a Rainman on staff as their data scientist, probably need a little bit of help translating raw data into trends and high-level ideas that enable tactical decisions now, and produce projections for the future. This is where Power BI Business Intelligence data visualizations come in. Read more

Topic: Power BI

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