Hi Craig, Great article and information for those who truly need a lite CRM. We use Harmon.ie and its a terrific product as well. Being in the CRM industry for over 20 years now I can say one thing that has been consistent. No sooner do users start with a lite CRM and they begin to ask for advanced features. Just the nature of the CRM game I say. After years of developing custom CRM solutions we launched our CRM Template for SharePoint over 9 years ago and now we still scramble every day to add more than 200 features to our SharePoint Flex product which can be used for customer and information management. I totally agree that many companies buy software far beyond their requirements and pay far too much which is why we created a unique offering where each customer only turns on the features they can take advantage of. I am sure many small companies can benefit from all the advice you have shared. If their needs grow beyond basic SharePoint there are options such as ours at www.SharePointFlex.com. Its always good to know of the options available using SharePoint. Best wishes,