CriticalPath Training Introduces New Sample Database for SharePoint BI

Karen Forster

by Karen Forster on 9/22/2014

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If you’re like most SharePoint professionals, you’ve likely been using Microsoft’s sample database, AdventureWorks, to test SharePoint functionality. Like many SharePoint professionals, you may feel that for Microsoft’s BI examples, the Adventurworks database is out of date and too complicated. Now you have an option that gives you data samples created specifically for SharePoint.

CriticalPath Training has just released a new sample data set called WingtipSales that the company is using for its new BI class titled SBI2013: Building BI Solutions Using Excel and SharePoint 2013. You can download this new data set for free at

According to CriticalPath, the download provides everything you need to work with the new data set: You get setup instructions to create the WingtipSales database in SQL Server 2012 R2 and instructions for how to import the WingtipSales data into the data model inside a new Excel 2013 workbook. In addition, the download contains an example of an Excel workbook that contains a data model with calculated columns, calculated fields, KPIs, and dimensional hierarchies for Power View reports. You also receive two completed SQL Server Data Tools projects that demonstrate how to create SQL Server Analysis Server databases using the older, classic multidimensional model based on cubes, as well as the newer tabular model based on the Business Intelligence Schematic Model (BISM).

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