Creating a PDF file from Word

You can create a PDF document directly from Word.

Thomas Duff

by Thomas Duff on 1/17/2017

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Microsoft Word, PDF

This is for those old-timers like me who remember when you had to have the expensive version of Adobe to create PDF files (or you'd install free PDF print drivers to get around that). Microsoft has solved that problem, and now you can save a Word document directly to a PDF format.

When you go to save a document in Word, you can choose PDF format as one of the many formatting options:

Generally speaking, that's sufficient for most all your PDF needs. However, if you'd like to customize the PDF content a bit, you can choose to Export the Word document using the Create PDF/XPS Document option:

Choose the Options button:

You now have a number of options for what you want on your PDF, including the ability to only save a portion of the document as a PDF:

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