My Congratulations (and New Year Wishes) to the January 2016 New and Renewed Microsoft MVPs

Lyman Goodrich

by Lyman H Goodrich on 1/1/2016

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Congratulations to the 2016 Renewed and New Microsoft MVPs

As we ring in 2016, I’d like to offer my congratulations and appreciation for the Microsoft MVPs who are new and renewing.

I’m a technology user, not a developer or IT professional, but I find myself fortunate and grateful that I get to work with Microsoft MVPs in the SharePoint and Office 365 space almost every day. I do this in two capacities:

As a producer for the webinars and online conferences on IT Unity, I work with presenters who want to educate and entertain others. Most of the webinar presenters on IT Unity are Microsoft MVPs. They show up prepared, focused and are engaging. We do technical AV checks before each live webinar and I get to interact with presenters before they are “on stage” and I find it remarkable how approachable and in many cases fun they can be as we’re making sure that audio and video settings work and that we prepare for how we’ll transition from one speaker to another or from demos to video clips to slides. Then when the webinars begin, the magic starts to happen. I don’t know if you’ve thought about it or tried to do so, but it can be really hard to just start talking into a headset and a webcam and not know how your live audience is reacting. You don’t get the nodding heads and other non-verbal cues that give a speaker validation that they are making their point. The Microsoft MVPs I’ve worked with try to take questions from live chat and really show their passion for helping others.

I also work with Microsoft MVPs at live events, including our recent conference, Unity Connect Amsterdam. At the live events, I’m running from room to room before each session trying to set up equipment so we can record webinars for streaming later. In my experience, the speakers generally “go with the flow” of letting me add another layer of complexity (the recording equipment) to their session right before they start. They understand the drive to capture great information for others to consume, because in the end, it all contributes to building a better community.

Each of the Microsoft MVPs that I’ve worked with set a high bar of professionalism and behind the scenes, they’re a joy to work with. For the small group of MVPs I’ve worked with and those I’ll work with in the coming year, I wish you all the best for 2016. Congratulations on your new or renewing Microsoft MVP awards.

Lyman Goodrich
Project Manager, IT Unity

Topic: General Knowledge

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