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Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 2/15/2014

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SharePoint sends numerous notifications via email. Users can create alerts to monitor changes to lists, libraries, items, and documents. Administrative alerts notify you of sites that have been unused for a long period of time, or that are close to filling their storage quota. For these messages to be sent successfully, SharePoint must be pointed to an SMTP server. If outgoing email settings have not been configured, users will not see the Alert Me button on the Ribbon.

To configure outgoing email settings, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Central Administration Quick Launch, click System Settings.

  2. In the E-Mail And Text Messages (SMS) section, click Configure Outgoing E-Mail Settings.

Your SharePoint governance plan should specify how SharePoint related email will be managed in your enterprise. Determine which user or users will receive SharePoint-related alerts.

As a best practice, create unique email addresses for each service account, and assign a unique email address to the SharePoint farm as the from address. Unique accounts make it easier to identify the source and reason for an email notification. Then, create a single inbox that is associated with all of those email addresses. In other words, while notifications are sent to unique addresses, they all end up in the same inbox. Give your SharePoint administration team permission to the inbox, so that all administrators can monitor incoming alerts and messages. The result is a group inbox that represents the SharePoint service in your enterprise, but the unique email addresses can be used to create processing rules within that inbox.

If your SharePoint implementation involves teams that are dedicated to specific purposes, you can create one inbox per team, and direct specific addresses to the appropriate inboxes. For example, if you have a team dedicated to managing search, that team can have permission to an inbox that is associated with the email address for the SharePoint Search Service Application managed account.

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