Part 4 - Completely Unscientific Survey - Survey on Office 365 & Where Are You?

Andrew Connell

by Andrew Connell on 5/20/2014

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This is just one entry in a series of articles that cover a keynote presentation I delivered in April 2014 at the SPTechCon conference in San Francisco, CA. The first article in the series below sets the stage and explains what the series is about. All articles in the series are meant to be read in order, but hey… it’s your browser and mouse… click what interests you!

  1. Navigating the New World of SharePoint Online, Office 365 and On-Premises - Introducing the Series
  2. Level Setting and Definitions
  3. Why is Microsoft Moving to Office 365?
  4. Completely Unscientific Survey - Survey on Office 365 and Where Are You?
  5. Customer and ISV Takeaways from the SharePoint Conference 2014
  6. My Thoughts on The Challenges with Customer Acceptance of Office 365
  7. My Thoughts on How to Approach Office 365 & SharePoint On-Premises Today
  8. Office 365 Call to Action - What Should You be Doing?

In this installment of this series I want to take a step back and look at how you might fit in with other customers out there... let's put things in perspective. This helps to put you in the frame of mind "am I the only one out there who feels like this?"

Setting the Sample Size Stage

slide09During my keynote I asked roughly 350 people in the room to answer a few survey questions. I told people they could raise their hands multiple times so things certainly won't add up to 100%.

Audience Role Breakdown

Before we go into the specific Office 365 questions and breakdown I wanted to find out who we were talking to. Therefore I asked everyone what role they played within their organization. Keep in mind many people have multiple roles. The breakdown looked something like this:

  • 80% End Users
  • 50% IT Professionals / Administrators
  • 40% Developers
  • 15% Business Decision Makers / Managers / Executives

Deployment Type: Current and Future

slide10Next I wanted to get an idea how many people were currently in a SharePoint on-premises deployment, on Office 365 or a hybrid deployment. I asked both for where they were today and where they expected themselves to be in the next 6 - 18 months.

  • 100% On-Premises SharePoint deployment
    • 80% Today
    • 70% 6-18 Months from now
  • 100% Office 365
    • 5% Today
    • 10% 6-18 Months from now
  • Hybrid Deployment of On-Premises SharePoint linked to Office 365
    • 10% Today
    • 20% 6-18 Months from now

Interesting results from these questions. No surprise there are a great many more customers on-premises compared to those in Office 365. Further, only a handful of them are in a hybrid environment. it will be curious to see how this mix changes now that SharePoint 2013's Service Pack 1 is available because it adds a lot of stuff to make the hybrid deployments a bit easier to implement.

Next up, let's look at some customer and ISV takeaways form the SharePoint Conference 2014 reported by some analysts and CEO's of some leading hosting companies in the SharePoint space.

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