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A synopsis of the Jan 2015 #CollabTalk tweetjam hosted by Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet)

Christian Buckley

by Christian Buckley on 1/30/2015

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For those of you unable to join our tweetjam this morning, you missed another energetic and informative sessions with 135 active participants answering questions, commenting on the answers of others, and retweeting. The topic we covered was SharePoint search -- the state of search, its importance to your SharePoint strategy, and the road map ahead as we prepare for Ignite, Microsoft's major conference taking place this coming May. 

Search is an important topic, because it is at the core of everything we do within SharePoint -- or any knowledge management platform, for that matter. One of the side discussions that came up during the tweetjam was how some of the new Office 365 capabilities added to the search discussion, with some feeling that these new capabilities (Delve, the Office Graph, the new Video Portal and other NextGen Portal solutions) are outside of the search discussion but complementary, but my argument is that they are one and the same -- they are part of the search because they help with the categorization of content (whether through manual tagging or machine learning) and refinement and personalization of the search experience.

In the end, all of these things are about helping deliver the right content, context, and contacts based on your individual needs. And that, at its core, is what search is about.

For those new to the tweetjam model, its fairly simple: one hour, a pre-defined list of 6 to 8 questions introduced one at a time over the hour, and anyone can participate with the Twitter tool of their choice, simply replying to the question number, and including the #CollabTalk hashtag within their response. That's it. Answer the questions, ask your own follow up questions, reply to others, gather information, and get inspired. As someone who writes a lot, these monthly tweetjams have been a major source of information for me, especially as a way to validate (or correct) some of my own ideas. 

I always introduce the timing and topic through a blog post on my personal site, buckleyplanet.com, which includes a list of panelists who have agreed to take part in the discussion. The panel is there to seed the discussion, but anyone can participate. It's Twitter, people -- so its wide open to the world! For the January 30th tweetjam, we discussed the following questions:

1. What are 3 essential steps when planning your SharePoint search strategy? 
2. What aspects of SharePoint 2013 search capability do organizations fail to take full advantage of? 
3. How important is search to a hybrid SharePoint deployment, and why? 
4. What do admins need to know about the search management experience? 
5. How does Delve and the Office Graph change your search strategy, if at all? 
6. How does search fit into the NextGen portals strategy? 
7. What are the biggest gaps in SharePoint's search roadmap, whether on prem or online?  

To get an idea of the scope of this month's tweetjam, here are some of the stats collected through TweetReach.com:

• We reached 188,263 accounts through our contributor networks
• We reached 3,259,036 impressions during our one-hour session
• We generated 703 tweets with 135 contributors

Not too shabby. The following is a list of our top 25 contributors for the month:

Following most tweetjams, I will compile a tweet-by-tweet summary of the conversation on a site called Storify. While I tend to clean out most retweets and obvious attempts at product promotion that can sneak in, the benefit is that people can go back through the conversations and  pull out some of the deep insights captured, a sampling of which I have captured here:

I highly recommend that you spend some time going through the summary on Storify and learn from some of the leading experts on search in SharePoint. I hope people find these conversations useful -- I know I get a lot out of them.

Looking forward to a very productive February. Episode 2 of the #CollabTalk show will be back on the air on February 24th at 10am PST, and you can register to watch the live stream here. And yes, we'll be back with another tweetjam sometime in late February, so be sure to follow me at @buckleyplanet for all the latest updates. 

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