Colligo Engage SharePoint/Office 365 App Platform: Product Overview

Karen Forster

by Karen Forster on 6/15/2015

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Colligo Founder and CEO Barry Jinks recently talked with IT Unity’s Dan Holme about Colligo’s Engage application platform. The conversation below aims to get you started on understanding the product and its value to your organization. To find details on Colligo and the company’s offerings, please visit

IT Unity: Can you give readers a brief description of the Colligo Engage app platform?

Jinks: A recent AIIM study (the “AIIM 2015 Connecting and Optimizing SharePoint Report”: shows that third-party tools for Outlook integration with SharePoint are used today by 23 percent of organizations. This number is poised to double in the next 12 to 18 months. Mobility tools are used by 12 percent and will almost quadruple over the same period.

The Colligo Engage app platform includes a suite of premium apps that have native integration with familiar everyday tools, such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Explorer, Mac Finder and iOS devices, that information workers commonly use. The apps are backed by a management console built on Microsoft Azure. The console enables organizations to centrally deploy content and policies and then manage and monitor user engagement with SharePoint through Colligo apps.

Colligo Engage apps provide a single view into enterprise content, whether it’s located in SharePoint on-premises, in the cloud with Office 365, in both locations, or eventually in other repositories.

IT Unity: With that background in mind, what is the specific problem that Colligo solves?

Jinks: Low user adoption of collaboration and records-management systems costs companies millions every year in failed projects and increased legal risk. The previously mentioned AIIM SharePoint Industry Watch report asked, “What are the biggest ongoing issues for SharePoint in your organization?” Sixty percent of responding organizations said that the biggest ongoing issue was, “struggling to persuade users to manage and share their content in SharePoint and not elsewhere.” Colligo helps organizations achieve SharePoint success by driving high user adoption for content filing and sharing.

IT Unity: What type of customer will be interested in deploying the Colligo Engage app platform?

Jinks: Key use cases include collaboration, records management, email management and mobility. Mid-sized to large enterprises and government organizations worldwide will benefit from the Colligo app platform. The primary industries we serve are oil and gas, professional and legal services, pharmaceuticals, and government.

IT Unity: If customers have not yet adopted Colligo Engage, what options do they have as alternatives?

Jinks: From Microsoft, customers can use out-of-the-box SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive for Business or Exchange. However, these options have limitations. If companies employ developers, they can internally develop applications from scratch and customize SharePoint. However, these options require specific skills and a great deal of time and expense.

IT Unity: Do other third-party products address the same issues as Colligo?

Jinks: We have distinct competitors in the email and mobility spaces, but no single competitor has the bundle of offline/mobility and email management in one product. No one has a central configuration and management capability, either.

What sets Colligo apart is that Colligo is a worldwide expert in data synchronization and UX design for managing content on a variety of devices. For example, we have six patents in data sync. We also have a sophisticated capability for IT admins to deploy apps and policies to devices to govern content. As well, our Azure-based Console service is unique in that it can monitor and report on user adoption and activities.

IT Unity: What industry research or data should potential customers know about that will help them understand your value proposition and/or evaluate their own situation?

Jinks: I’d advise potential customers to read the previously mentioned AIIM study. In addition, Gartner provides a large quantity of industry reports at Colligo was actually named as a Gartner vendor to Watch. Also, KM World ( is a good source. They recently named Colligo one of the 100 companies that matter in knowledge management.

IT Unity: Can you provide customer testimonials or case studies that readers can review?

Jinks: We have numerous customer profiles on the Colligo website. Please go to

Colligo wants potential customers to know that the company is a global leader in apps for increasing user engagement of SharePoint and Office 365. Colligo has more than 5,000 customers all over the world and is a Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner.

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