Cleaning up your Outlook Auto-Complete list

Cleaning up your Outlook Auto-Complete list is easier than you think.

Thomas Duff

by Thomas Duff on 11/29/2016

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Auto-Complete, Outlook

I was reminded of this tip today via the BetterCloud Monitor daily newsletter…

Over time, your Outlook client can pick up a lot of email address contacts that are no longer valid. This can make your Auto-Complete function become more of a hassle than a help. Here's how you can clean that up.

For removing individual entries in an Auto-Complete list, just mouse over the contact info you want to remove, and click the black X to the right of the contact information. Once you do that, the contact information will no longer show up in your Auto-Complete list:

If you want to completely clean out the Auto-Complete list, you can do that also. In Outlook, select File > Options > Mail, and click the Empty Auto-Complete List in the Send Messages section:

Once you do that, all your Auto-Complete entries will be gone, and you'll be starting from scratch to build them back up.

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