Changing an Email Into a Calendar Entry in Outlook

It's easy to turn an Outlook email into an Outlook calendar entry.

Thomas Duff

by Thomas Duff on 8/8/2016

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It's not unusual to get an email that you'd like to turn into a calendar entry. However, having to open a new calendar appointment and copy over all the details is not a lot of fun. Did you know there's a way you can drag an email into your calendar?

To do this, click and drag an email (#1) and drag it over the calendar icon in Outlook (#2):

Drag an Outlook email to the Calendar tab

Once you do that, a new calendar entry pops up with all the email detail in the body of the calendar entry. The subject of your email becomes the subject of your calendar entry. The only thing you have to do is change the start and end times, as it will default to the current start time:

New Outlook calendar entry created from an Outlook email

Please note that this assumes you have your Outlook folder pane set at either Normal or Minimized. If you have it set to Off, you will not see the calendar icon.

To turn your folder pane on, go to the View tab (#1), select Folder Pane (#2), and select either Normal or Minimized (#3):
Activating the Outlook folder pane

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