Centering text and objects on a page in Word

Centering pictures and objects on a page in Word is easy with this option.

Thomas Duff

by Thomas Duff on 12/9/2016

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I'm sure I'm not the only person who has struggled with trying to center information on a page in Word. I've spent too much time trying to add enough line feeds and tabs to get that effect. Had I known about this particular formatting option, my life would have been much easier.

Here we have a Word document with some text at the top of the page, like you would normally have if you just started typing:

However, I'd really like to have this show up in the exact center of the page. To do that, I highlight the text, click on the Page Layout tab, and click the Expand icon in the Page Setup area:

In the Page Setup dialog box, select the Layout tab and select your Vertical Alignment option in the Page area. When finished, click OK:

Now your text is centered on the page, without the need of multiple carriage returns. :)

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