Why BYODs and Office 365 Will Make More Money for Your Company

And I wrote “make more” and not “save more” for a reason.

Mikael Svenson

by Mikael Svenson on 5/8/2015

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Using Office 365 on BYOD encourages employees to work for free on their own time.

Before Office 365 really took off, employees had access to e-mail on their mobile phones. Access to e-mail on a personal device allowed them to review and respond to off hours requests. An action usually done on the employees own time and conscience. This means employees are giving away hours for free, which is a good thing if you’re an employer, right? But the flip side is that an e-mail feels like something you HAVE to respond to; it’s not learning.

If you have followed recent Microsoft news you know there has been a myriad of apps rolled out from Microsoft to your typical home gadgets like iPad and Android tablets. They could be BYOD’s at the work-place, but most likely you are using them more in the comfortable surrounding of your home.

At your disposal you now have Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, OneDrive, Lync, Office Lens, Sway, Video Portal and Delve available at any time. Not just when you are at work! There are no firewalls to stop you; and if you’re like me, you have installed all these apps already. Because they are not apps that require you to respond, they enable browsing, consuming and interaction at your own pace.

Take the Delve app as an example. This is an application I don’t use that often at the work place or during work hours. I sometimes open the application and take a peek, but it has to compete with Yammer and Twitter time during coffee breaks. But now, having access to it from my home device, I find myself sitting on the couch in the evenings browsing company data, staying in the now, ON MY OWN TIME, FOR FREE! For my employer, how cool is that?

Not only do I broaden my horizon on what our company and my colleagues are working on, I do it because I find it interesting through appealing interfaces on accessible devices, and it doesn’t feel like work. I just switched from browsing There is no pressure like e-mail. App alerts about a new uploaded video or item on my Delve board is just cool. It’s not something I MUST act on if I don’t want to.

Having the data available in Office 365, and it’s as secure as you want with multi-factor authentication, your company has now removed the IT hurdle of letting people access company data via rigorous VPN solutions.

Microsoft is cranking out these consumer device applications like crazy, and as a company or employer, you should do the smart thing to tap into free work and smarter employees if you haven’t already. Smarter employees means you make more money!

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