Business Intelligence Won't Help Your Business, Unless...

By Jon Thompson

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We are at an exciting time in the world of business technology. People are becoming more and more connected, making the world smaller than it has ever been. Any business owner, even in garage start-ups, can easily connect with customers halfway across the world, accessing an international customer base that large corporations would have only dreamed of several years ago.

And just in the last couple of years, Business Intelligence as a service has come into its own, making BI and big-data analytics accessible to all businesses, without the need an internal data scientist or IT team. This recent development has opened a new world of benefits to small- and mid-sized companies - benefits that used to be available only to full-sized enterprises.

However, in this brave new world of big data, it's not enough to deploy business intelligence and simply wait for the revenue pour in. To take full advantage of the power of BI, a fundamental mindset is required. To make real, measurable progress, we must embrace the data-driven business model. Read more…

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