Ace Hardware ACENET Intranet Uses BA Insight Knowledge Integration Platform and SharePoint 2013

More than 4,700 Ace Hardware Stores to use search-driven portal

Karen Forster

by Karen Forster on 3/16/2015

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Employees at 4,700 independently owned Ace Hardware stores will be able to use a search-driven intranet portal called ACENET, which is based on BA Insight Knowledge Integration Platform and Microsoft SharePoint 2013, to access local product information, realtime inventory, pricing data, and corporate information. The solution gives Ace Hardware staff targeted content based on the respective store’s location and attributes, and users can specify search preferences.

Commenting on the new solution, Scott Heyer, Ace Hardware’s Manager of Store Systems, explained: “Access to relevant product and inventory information is the lifeline for Ace retailers, and our search has to be the best out there. BA Insight was a unique choice because of its comprehensive product capabilities and deep expertise with SharePoint and search. ACENET takes advantage of the new Web Content Management (WCM) and search capabilities in SharePoint 2013, brought to life by BA Insight. The new platform has a friendly user interface, great navigation, and an easy-to-use product comparison and shopping cart, allowing us to extend new cross-selling opportunities to Ace retailers.”

From the perspective of BA Insights, Massood Zarrabian, Chief Executive Officer of BA Insight, noted: “Retail organizations such as Ace Hardware rely on quick and easy access to actionable information to drive sales and customer satisfaction. Ace Hardware’s new search-driven application will help its franchises be more efficient, serve their customers better, and increase revenue. We are thrilled that Ace Hardware chose our platform and expertise to rapidly create their next-generation ACENET.”

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