10 reasons you must join me at the SharePoint & Office 365 conference I’ve always dreamed of!

Dan Holme

by Dan Holme on 7/17/2015

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The IT Unity team has spent the past few months creating an incredible in-person training and networking event: Unity Connect Amsterdam, taking place 12-14 October. It’s the event I always dreamed of starting—designed to help you succeed at maximizing the value of SharePoint and Office 365 for your organization.

We partnered with SharePoint Connect—rated one of the top three SharePoint events in the world—and we’re taking that event to the next level. Our content team (Spencer Harbar, Scot Hillier, Mirjam van Olst and Jasper Oosterveld) recruited phenomenal speakers from Microsoft and from the industry and put together an absolutely stellar agenda with more than 50 sessions, keynotes, and panels for IT professionals, developers, and “enablers” that lead and manage the business value of the platforms.

But what makes this event different is that it is just the start of the journey to creating an entirely new experience for you. Unity Connect doesn’t start and end at the in-person event, instead it gives you a direct connection to expertise, training, and guidance year round.

Technology is changing so fast, and Unity Connect will be just one part of how we empower you to stay on top of new features and experiences; new solutions to the challenges you face; and new direction for your organization, your technology roadmap, and your career.

This event is truly different, and it’s just the beginning of what Unity Connect has to offer. The following are 10 reasons why I’m so excited about Unity Connect Amsterdam 2015:

  • Content. The speakers and sessions are absolutely world class. Without doubt, this event offers the best post-conference workshops I’ve ever seen at an event. And, because SharePoint and Office 365 impact all parts of the organization, you can bring the entire team. There are great sessions for IT professionals, architects, consultants, developers, project managers, business analysts, managers, and users.

  • Real-World solutions. This event will empower individuals and teams to solve business challenges with technology. Sessions are designed to help you troubleshoot problems, add value to your organization, and develop your expertise and career. We have curated real-world, no-marketing-hype sessions that provide rich technology advice you can implement in your environment.

  • SharePoint 2016 and Office 365. We’ll have the first and best sessions about SharePoint 2016 and the new features available within Office 365 because our speakers are intimately involved with the development of those products.

  • SharePoint 2013 and 2010 revised. As always, we’ll deliver valuable training about managing existing platforms. However, Microsoft is actually rolling out significant updates to SharePoint 2013 and 2010, most notably the Cloud Search Service Application, which solves problems facing on-premises installations and hybrid farms. So even if your organization is slow to adopt new platforms, you can benefit immediately with your current technology investments.

  • Connections. A live event is much more than just sessions. Delegates have rated this event as one of the best conferences in the world because it fosters a dynamic community in which delegates, experts, and solution providers come together to connect in a relaxed and informal atmosphere highlighted by our traditional SharePint party in the evening. You’ll meet delegates from every industry vertical and size—from small consultancies to Fortune 10 enterprises.

  • Conversations. We’ve designed the event to create a conversation about SharePoint & Office 365 between delegates, speakers, and Microsoft team members—Chris Johnson, Jeremy Thake, Neil Hodgkinson, and Vesa Juvonen are all coming to meet you! From the opening keynote to the expert’s panel, the dedicated Ask-The-Experts hour at Café Expert, and the on-premises SharePint, you’ll have many opportunities to network and to get answers to your questions.

  • Community. We’re building more than just an event. Unity Connect delegates will be part of a year-round commUNITY that features exclusive content, events, and opportunities to engage with experts and with each other, so you have an all-access pass to what you need to succeed.

  • Don’t miss any sessions. Unity Vision, the video channel for IT Unity, will host recordings of Unity Connect sessions, available at no charge to Unity Connect delegates after the event.
  • Innova(tive) sessions. In addition to our breakout sessions, which are 75-minutes long to ensure you have time to get all of your questions answered, you'll enjoy our innovative new offering, appropriately called Innova sessions! These short, 20-minute sessions dive deep into one critical technology, challenge, or decision. Innova sessions focus the conversation on unique and important topics that you won't find at other events. 

  • DEVintersection Europe. Unity Connect is thrilled to announce the addition of DEVintersection Europe. DEVintersection is the leading conference for developers, covering HTML5, ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Azure, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), and open-web technologies such as AngularJS. For the first time, DEVintersection brings its mind-blowing array of experts and in-depth content to Europe. If you’re a developer who wants to take your career to the next level, you’ll get the training you need—from Office 365 and Azure to open web development—in a one-of-a-kind, full-week conference that includes Unity Connect, DEVintersection Europe, and full-day workshops.


This event was designed to focus on solutions, create conversations and connections, and give you the answers, guidance, and expertise you need in this new world of rapidly-changing technologies that impact even “legacy” on-premises services. If you attended SharePoint Connect previously, welcome back! You’ll love where we’re taking the event. If you’ve missed the chance to join us in beautiful Amsterdam over the past 7 years, don’t miss this one! It’s the start of something fantastic and new.

The early-bird discount ends 31 July, so Register Now to save €100 off your registration and be entered for a chance to win a Surface Pro 4! (See contest rules for more details.)

I look forward to seeing you there!

Dan Holme
Office 365 MVP
Co-Founder & CEO, IT Unity

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