• Delve Analytics Is No Gimmick, Business or Otherwise

    Tony Redmond ON Jun 21, 2016

    Tony read a recent article by Jasper Oosterveld about Delve Analytics and was motivated to write a rebuttal. Such a tool reveals interesting information for consideration. The real business value lies in acting on the information that Delve Analytics reveals.

  • LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Office 365

    Tony Redmond ON Jun 15, 2016

    Tony offers his perspective on Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn. How will Office 365 customers benefit from this deal?

  • Standing Strong with One Another

    Cathy Dew ON May 23, 2016

    Learn more about Cathy Dew’s personal journey as a woman working in the male-dominated IT world and the origins of the #IStandByYou campaign that is launching soon.

  • Introducing Project Madeira

    Becky Bertram ON May 20, 2016

    Project Madeira is a new software as a service (SaaS) offering by Microsoft to infiltrate the SMB market. It integrates seamlessly with Office 365 so that users can manage things like creating and sending quotes and invoices and manage customer information right from Outlook.

  • SharePoint Home Page Updates

    Jennifer Ann Mason ON May 13, 2016

    Last week at the Future of SharePoint event, Microsoft promised that many of the new features would be hitting first release soon. True to their promise, the updated Sites page is now being rolled out to First Release customers. This article explains where the features from classic SharePoint Online are shifting with the new modern layout.

  • Microsoft Details SharePoint and OneDrive Roadmap: Apps, Intranet, and Access

    Brad Sams ON May 04, 2016

    Brad attended the Future of SharePoint event on March 4, 2016 in San Francisco. This article details the announcements and the road map Microsoft revealed.

  • Microsoft Makes Microsoft Flow and PowerApps Available for Public Preview Today

    Becky Bertram ON Apr 29, 2016

    On April 29, 2016, Microsoft released two new services into public preview: Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. This is a milestone for Microsoft in its current drive to give power users the tools to create no-code solutions that connect to external data sources not only within, but also external to, the Microsoft eco-system.

  • Managing Tasks: Office 365 Planner vs. Trello

    Haniel Croitoru ON Apr 25, 2016

    Many teams collaborate using tools such as kanban boards to manage tasks. Trello has been a favorite task collaboration tool for years. In December 2015, Microsoft released Office 365 Planner in First Release, built on top of Office Groups, with similar task management features for team collaboration. Microsoft should release Planner in 2016. How do these task collaboration tools compare?

  • A Bright New Future for IT Unity

    Dan Holme ON Apr 14, 2016

    IT Unity co-founder Dan Holme celebrates the future of IT Unity, announcing the acquisition of IT Unity and NC Communications by Blue Whale Web.

  • Changes to SharePoint Online Document Libraries and What They Mean

    Mark Rackley ON Apr 12, 2016

    If you have Office 365 first release running in a tenant, you may have noticed that Microsoft has changed how SharePoint Online displays document libraries. Mark shows what has changed, discusses the community reaction (so far) and offers perspective about why these changes are coming now.


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